William Knelsen

Category: Faith

Lord, Show Your Face

Lord, I confess I do not occupy myself with great and marvellous things (Ps. 131:1). Be my refuge, to whom I continually come (Ps. 71:3). You show your face to the righteous (Ps. 11:7);        You uphold those with integrity (Ps. 41:12). Help me to not allow evil to corrupt my heart (Ps. 101:4). Oh […]

Listening to God

I was convicted by this statement in my Spiritual Theology reflection assignment this morning: To wait on the Lord is a summary term for living by faith or living dependently on the Lord. Waiting on the Lord stands opposed to running ahead and taking matters into our own hands by turning to our own human […]

That We May Savour Christ

In John 17:1-16 is recorded a prayer spoken by Jesus. The ESV titles this section of Scripture “The High Priestly Prayer.” In it, we see the deep desire Christ has for His people: to be one as the Son and Father are one, to be fulfilled in Christ’s joy, to keep us from the evil […]

Helpful Theology

In our theology class we are studying how the Trinity has been understood throughout Christian history and in various traditions. It surprises me to discover that there are so many ways of explaining this doctrine. It makes me wonder if maybe some other traditions or cultures have a better understanding of God than what I […]

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