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Gratitude is a Gamechanger

Take a moment to evaluate what is important to you. What is really important? What are you really grateful for? What if all those things were taken away from you? Would you still be grateful? Could you give thanks for today? The single greatest difference between someone who is happy and content, and someone who …

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Too Much Advice?

I wonder if a source of anxiety for many of us is the abundance of advice available online. The difficulty with searching for advice online is that these people who are giving the advice don’t know my situation. They are actually opinions more than advice, which makes most of it completely irrelevant. This has been …

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Why We Need Rest

I like to always be doing things. This makes it difficult to rest regularly. But it is important to rest, and this is why. In the story of Moses leading the Nation of Israel out of Egypt, where they were held captive as slaves, a command is given from God to the Nation, once they …