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He Holds Our Hand

From Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis When you teach a child writing, you hold its hand while it forms the letters: that is, it forms the letters because you are forming them. We love and reason because God loves and reasons and holds our hand while we do it. There can be no love, no […]

Pick A Number

This is absolutely astounding, from C.S Lewis’s Case for Christ by Art Lindsley, P. 19. Once when I was invited to his rooms after dinner for a glass of beer, he played a game. He directed, ‘Give me a number from one to forty.’ I said, ‘thirty’. He acknowledged, ‘Right, go to the thirtieth shelf […]

Revelation: A Book of Worship

It was an unusual Easter Church Service. The service was certainly focused on Christ, however, Revelation was used as the main text in order to focus our minds on the Glory of the Risen One. Revelation is a book of prophecy, however what is more important than knowing what will happen in the end, is […]

A Dose of “Real Life”

From C.S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters (note: ‘Enemy’ refers to God, ‘Father’ refers to Satan; the letter is written by a demon) One day, as he sat reading, I saw a train of thought in his mind beginning to go the wrong way. The Enemy, of course, was at his elbow in a moment. Before […]

Trying Hard

Many things – such as loving, going to sleep, or behaving unafectedly – are done worst when we try hardest to do them.   – C.S. Lewis, Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Literature  I would add to that: humility. In fact, I would suggest humility is the perfect example of working against your goal when you try […]

George MacDonald on Dryness

God does not, by the instant gift of His Spirit, make us always feel right, desire good, love purity, aspire after Him and His Will. Therefore either He will not, or He cannot. If He will not, it must be because it would not be well to do so. If He cannot, then he would […]

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