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The First Sunday of Advent

Today marks the first day, and the first Sunday, of Advent – the four week season leading up to Christmas Day. This is also the first of my posts focusing on this time of preparation for celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. If you are a Christian, you have much to celebrate. You […]

Christmas 2012

This Christmas, I will be writing regular posts on the history of Christmas and on the Advent Celebration. Look for those posts here on a daily basis beginning Sunday, December 2nd.

Our Children Are Not Good

“It is better for a child to learn a heart lesson, though it cause him temporary pain, than for him to ignorantly follow a path leading to eternal pain.” (Helping Children to¬†Understand the Gospel. Minneapolis: Children Desiring God, 2009, page 12) This is not a popular message in our world today, but it is important […]

Can You Fly Me To The Moon Daddy?

A little story about an ambitious little boy. Caleb was sitting at the kitchen table next to me. Looking out the window, he suddenly asked me the most interesting question: “I would sure like to go to the moon. Can you fly me to the moon Daddy?” I responded, “Maybe one day we can go […]

Around the World

I checked out the stats on my Google Analytics account on where people are reading my blog from. I discovered that people from 108 different countries have visited my site at least once since March of 2008.

Hiking Grassi Lakes Trail

Grassi Lakes Trail is a 4 KM relatively easy hike just south of Canmore, Alberta. There are two routes to get to the beautiful two lakes at the end of the trail, an easy route and a more difficult route. The more difficult route is far more scenic and features several small waterfalls. We opted […]

Praise God for Healing!

For some, a Conversion Reaction can last weeks or even months. Praise the Lord that He is restoring my health more quickly than I could have imagined.

Never Underestimate the Power of Rest

For years I have believed that if your work doesn’t feel like work, you should never need a vacation because a vacation would actually mean leaving what you enjoy to do with your time. For years, I have been fortunate enough to work at things I enjoy, and I haven’t really had the feeling that […]

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