Video Highlights from the Philippines

A week ago, we landed in Manila, and now we are departing. The week has gone by really quickly. It was packed with emotional highs and lows as we witnessed the faithfulness of God and the great needs that exist here. It is really hard to spend a few days getting to know the people and just leave suddenly, knowing that there is so much work to be done here.

I captured a whole bunch of photos, which I have been posting here and on the Work of Your Hand Facebook Page. I’ve also captured a fair bit of video, some of which I have compiled into a short video. These are simply a few highlights of the sights we saw in Payatas. There is much more footage to go through and edit, but I wanted to just put something quickly together so that you can see what I’ve been up to. Unfortunately my internet connection is too slow to upload a high definition video, but I’ll put up some HD videos once I get home.

I hope you enjoy it!

The Great Needs in Payatas

Day 3 in Payatas was filled with the overwhelming feeling that I need to help these people. But I also know that I can only do so much. I did what I could to help, but I pray that God will provide many more people with a burden for Payatas.

There are some really amazing people living it the community of Calamiong in particular. The most encouraging thing to me is the work Pastor Julius and the other leaders of his church are doing. One of the leaders is a student who is attending university for business entrepreneurship (marketing) under a full scholarship. We went to see her house and I got to know her a little bit as we visited throughout the day. I was really happy to see how Pastor Julius’ church has ministered to this young woman so that she was able to develop her gifts as a leader, and how she has been faithfully serving God in the church and in the community.

Please join me in praying that more young people in Calamiong will have the same opportunity as this young woman. They are the future of the church and have the ability to transform their entire community. Pray for Pastor Julius and his church, that their influence in the community will increase and many more will come to know Jesus.

Plastic Cleaning Yard Alley Walking through Calamiong Farm Yard Man and Child Water Well Rooster

The Hope of Payatas

After a day like today, it is hard to know what to feel. In one minute we are celebrating with the Work of Your Hand artisans, and in the next we are visiting the most devastating place I’ve ever seen.

I’m going through and editing some of the photos I took in Payatas, and I’m overwhelmed with the images I captured. When I was there taking the photos, I was focused on the task at hand. Now that I have time to look at them, I can’t help but cry for the people who are unable to break free from this life.

But, there is hope! There are faithful Christian men and women living and working among these people. Some of them grew up here and have worked in the garbage dump site. Please pray for Pastor Julius and his church as they seek to bring hope to Payatas. If you can, support their ministry buy purchasing Work of Your Hand products, some of which are made by talented men and women who live in this area.

Here are some photos from the Payatas dump site area.








From South Korea

May 10 – 3:45 am in Calgary, 6:45 pm in Seoul.

We left Calgary at 10:00 am on May 9, and have been traveling for a total of about 17 hours so far. The flight from Vancouver to Seoul was over 11 hours and we were flying with the movement of the sun, so while it feels like I should be going to sleep, it’s actually 6:45 in the evening. The sun will not set here for another hour or so, and by the time I get to sleep in Manila, I will have skipped an entire night, having been up for 26 hours straight.

Please pray for a good night sleep (I should be sleeping by 10:00 am Calgary time), and that I will have plenty of energy to get some filming done on Saturday. We will be starting by visiting the community of Payatas, which is the main area for garbage disposal for Manila. I will be meeting some of the artisans who create the products sold by Work of Your Hand in Calgary.

Below is a panoramic photo I took while waiting for the transport train in Seoul to get us from one terminal to the next.

Seoul Airport Train

Southeast Asia Itinerary

For my final post before I depart, I thought I’d share with you the itinerary for the trip.

One thing to note is that we are going there during the rainy season, so a prayer request in addition to safety and health, would be that my equipment holds up to the high humidity and moisture.

Philippines: May 9-17
May 9: Fly from Calgary to Vancouver to Seoul
May 10: Fly from Seoul to Manila
May 11-17: Filming in Manila area
Laos: May 18-24
May 18: Fly from Manila to Bangkok to Udon Thani (Thailand), drive from Udon Thani to Vientiane (Laos)
May 19: 10-hour drive to a silk farm in Phonsavanh (Laos)
May 20-21: Filming in Phonsavanh
May 22: 10-hour drive to Vientiane
May 23: Filming in villages around Vientiane
May 24: Drive to Udon Thani (Thailand)
Cambodia: May 25-June 1
May 25: Fly from Udon Thani to Bangkok to Phnom Penh (Cambodia)
May 26: Drive from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap (Cambodia)
May 27-31: Filming around Siem Reap
June 1: Drive to Phnom Penh, fly to Bangkok then overnight to Tokyo
June 2: Spend the day in Tokyo, then fly overnight to Calgary

SouthEast Asia Trip Objectives

As I prepare to head out on a 25 day trip through SouthEast Asia, I am trying to wrap my head around everything I’ll be doing while I’m there. If you have ever travelled to this part of the world, you will know that being flexible with schedules is a must. Therefore, I am more interested in keeping a list of objectives than sticking to a strict daily schedule.

While I am in each country, I will constantly be seeking ways to:

  1. Capture on film the story of what Work of Your Hand is doing in the Philippines, Laos and Cambodia
  2. Capture on film the stories of the people who are being freed from poverty and oppression
  3. Capture on film and photos the process of how the various Work of Your Hand products are made
  4. Gain insight into the vision of how trade is more effective than aid in relieving poverty
  5. Encourage the local people by listening to their stories and showing them love while I’m there


Please pray for the success of these objectives, and for insight into any other ways God wants to use me while I’m there.

You can join me on my trip by reading my daily (I hope!) journal on my blog. I also plan to upload short video clips as I am able while I’m there.

Stay tuned for more posts in the coming days leading up to my departure.