Highlighting Local Creators

We currently live in Winkler, Manitoba. This is where Lynn and I both grew up, and it is where we met. We don’t know how long we will be living here, but while we are here we want to highlight the talent and creativity of the people in this little city.

Better Every Day

Part of the motive is that I need to practice and get better at video journalism.

That is, I want to tell better stories through film. I am giving away my services to people in exchange for their stories which I will publish on my YouTube channel. Through this process I hope the local creators will benefit. I will also benefit, as I practice this craft of video journalism daily.

Not Every Day A Story

There will be days when I don’t have a particular story to tell. Those will be what I consider “vlogging” days. I will capture some part of my day, or a bit about our family and what we are doing.

For example, on April 26 we will be heading to Alberta to spend a few days at our house that we own there. We will be filming the journey there and what we are doing while we are there.

Feeling Aimless

One of the things I hear other YouTubers say is to pick a genre, or a niche, and stick with it.

At this point I feel somewhat aimless, but I hope our genre will narrow down over the next couple months. I’m not sure what it will be exactly, but something like video journalism.

Whatever it ends up being, we are doing it because we are passionate about it and we enjoy doing it, not because it generates a large following on YouTube.

A note to my future self and those reading this in the future:

This is really hard to do. It can be discouraging.

When it comes to art, There should always be some source of energy that feeds our reason to create other than admiration from others. I believe I have that.

It’s still really challenging, to plug away at this every day, when very few people are interested in it.

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