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Why We Need Rest

I like to always be doing things. This makes it difficult to rest regularly. But it is important to rest, and this is why. In the story of Moses leading the Nation of Israel out of Egypt, where they were held captive as slaves, a command is given from God to the Nation, once they …

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Contagious: Why Things Catch On by Jonah Berger

One of the most surprising pieces of information Berger provides in his book, Contagious, is the importance of in-person word of mouth transmission of ideas. Berger asks the question, “What percent of word of mouth do you think happens online?” The answer surprised me, as I’m sure it will surprise you. I’ll get back to …

Creative Inspiration Daily
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About This Next Season: Creative Inspiration Daily

If you are paying attention to my social media, you might be asking yourself, “how much content is this guy publishing today?” My answer: I will publish as much content as possible in order to reach the largest audience possible! I don’t expect everyone to read or watch or listen to every single thing I …