William Knelsen


Starting in January, my wife, Lynn, will begin what we hope to be a 5-6 year journey to a degree in either Architecture or Environmental Design, and then, ultimately, to a Masters Degree in Architecture or Interior Design at the University of Manitoba. First, she will be finishing her U1 which she began 7 years […]

Video Production

Starting this Christmas Season, I will be offering video production services. My focus will start with producing videos and slide shows for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and funerals. Basically what I do is take your media (photos and videos) and create a video/slide show for your event. I have lost track of how many videos I […]

Mac vs. PC: Game On

I have to admit, Microsoft sure made a really good point with this ad. While Apple succeeds at making PC look lame and boring, Windows is still used by more than 90% of the world and by more than just chubby IT managers in brown suits. This ad was well done and I look forward […]

A Change of Focus

I am going to go away from the Christian Discipline topic for a while, simply because I haven’t had the time to study the next few topics I would like to write about. I have, however, been listening to some seminars on my iPod while working out the past week (it seems as though that’s […]

The Discipline of Confession

The confession of evil works is the first beginning of good works – Augustine of Hippo This is the first of the four corporate disciplines that I will be going through. These are disciplines that relate to the corporate life of a Christian, in fellowship with the Body of Christ. The biggest problem with confession […]


Summer was pretty hectic with work being super busy and with preaching twice. Over the next few weeks I hope to complete my series on the Christian disciplines, as well as start providing commentary and review on some courses I have been listening to that I downloaded from iTunes U. If you have never heard […]

Desire vs. Practicality

As I read my RSS feeds daily I am envious of people who either have the time or the discipline (or both) to write on a regular basis. I wrote a couple months ago that I would share some of the material I am preparing for the sermon series I am presenting this summer. I […]

A Son is Gained, Another Lost

On Friday, June 13, we celebrated the birth of our third child, Evan Alexander. What a blessing it is to receive such a precious gift from God. At 7:00 pm, we got to the hospital. At 8:08 pm Evan was born (very quick, I know!) At about 9:30, I was on my way downstairs to […]

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