Hiking at Elbow Falls Kananaskis

Spring is finally upon us, which means it’s time to go hiking! Our first hike of the season was at Elbow Falls, which is a beautiful picnic area in Kananaskis. It was great to have my parents with us on this day.

I thought a song titled¬†God’s Great Dance Floor was appropriate for this video. The mountains of Alberta is indeed a great place to enjoy God’s creation.








Hiking Grassi Lakes Trail

Grassi Lakes Trail is a 4 KM relatively easy hike just south of Canmore, Alberta. There are two routes to get to the beautiful two lakes at the end of the trail, an easy route and a more difficult route. The more difficult route is far more scenic and features several small waterfalls. We opted to take the more difficult route on the way up, and then we took the easy route back.

The kids loved the hike and although it was challenging at times, they were filled with excitement at every twist and turn. I encourage everyone to try out this hike and explore many more in the Kananaskis area.

I filmed our hike using my Contour GPS camera strapped to my head, so the video is a bit shaky at times. Here is the video. Enjoy.