From Gene Edwards’ The Divine Romance:

The soldiers bound the Lord’s legs, pressed them hard against the wood, and nailed his feet to the cross. Ruthlessly they pulled the stake upward, balanced it, and then plunged it into a waiting hole. There was an awful thud and a pathetic groan.

Overhead the heavens were growing dark with some sick and mysterious cloud. Every moment the sky grew darker and more foreboding. Citizens of earth clutched their garments about them and shook inside at the sight of the foulness gathering in the sky above them. What they saw were but small drops of vast, unholy things seeping through from unseen realms.

The angels were now on the darkest and most dreadful of their journeys. Across time and space they flew, into every year, hour, and minute of human history. Into every village, town, and city. Across plain and desert, down even into the seas, they plunged. Rising, they brought back their dreadful cargo to Jerusalem, careful to stay in the invisible, that they not drown earth with the very stench of their black wares.

Darker and thicker grew the massive thing, as numberless angels wrestled to endure their burden until the appointed moment.

The Lord of earth grew faint upon his cross. His time was at an end.

With groans and wails and agonizing cries, the angels lifted their foul booty, stepped into time, and rushed up Golgotha’s hill, carrying with them every sin of every man and woman who had ever lived!

Bringing together into one place this vile, pulsating, living thing called sin, thy cast it all into the Lamb of God – who now became sin incarnate. All sin was now accumulated in one place – in him. Divinity now experienced that one thing it had never known. In the flood of that indescribably hideous invasion, the Lord of glory, forsaken of all holiness, cried out in delirium,

My God, my God,
Why hast thou forsaken me?


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