Just like Eustace, we are all dragons in need of a good skin shedding. We are all selfish and spoiled at times and are in need of Christ’s help to remove that old skin, for we can not remove it ourselves. Our attempts to remove the old are futile and only work backwards.

When we let Jesus remove the old, he will then give us a new life. Once again, only He can provide it, for it is only by Him that we are given a new life. When Christ rose from death, he rose to a completely new life than He had before, and it is this very life that He offers to us as new “skin”. The life we are given is a life that has defeated death and will live for eternity in the fellowship of our Creator, the One who is able to fulfill our greatest needs and desires.

One more thing… we must remember, when we are dealt a bad hand, and must suffer through something miserable, think about how God has the power to turn that miserable thing into an opportunity to shed another dragon layer and become more like who He intends us to be.


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