As Richard J. Foster writes in his book, Celebration of Discipline, study involves four steps:

  1. Repetition.
    Ingrained habits of thought can be formed by repetition alone, thus changing behavior.
  2. Concentration.
    The brains natural ability to store and focus on information is enhanced when, with singleness of purpose, we center our attention upon a desired object of study.
  3. Comprehension.
    When we not only repeatedly focus the mind in a particular direction centering our attention of the subject, but understand what we are studying, we reach a new level.
  4. Reflection.
    In reflection we come to understand not only our subject matter, but ourselves.

One other thing that is important when practicing the discipline of study is humility. In order to make good and proper use of knowledge, I must approach the subject with a humble spirit. I cannot be teachable and arrogant at the same time.


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