We were doing some yard work, and I had a wheel barrow full of branches and leaves that I needed to bring to the burn pile. No help was needed, but I asked Caleb to help me, and he thought it was the greatest thing ever to help his dad. He worked and worked, grunted and fell and, with my help, he got right back up and continued to work. Although he was absolutely no help to me whatsoever, I was pleased to see him try, and he thought he was doing all the work.

In the same way, our Heavenly Father does not need our help. He is fully capable of doing everything himself. However, that is not the point. The point is to have a relationship with His children, to involve us in His work. We sometimes think we are doing all the work ourselves, we grunt and fall and, with our Fathers help, we get right back up and continue the work he invites us to do.

I am proud of my son, and the enthusiasm he has to help me. I pray that his enthusiasm will one day be directed towards helping his Heavenly Father. But for now, I must be the closest thing to his Heavenly Father I can possibly be, so that when the time comes for the Lord to make Himself known to Caleb, he will have already got to know Him through me.


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