Starting in January, my wife, Lynn, will begin what we hope to be a 5-6 year journey to a degree in either Architecture or Environmental Design, and then, ultimately, to a Masters Degree in Architecture or Interior Design at the University of Manitoba. First, she will be finishing her U1 which she began 7 years ago. If all goes as planned, she will be done U1 in Spring of 2010, as she will be studying by Distance Ed and very part time. If she is accepted into the Faculty of Architecture immediately, she will begin part time studying in Fall of 2010.

This is quite an exciting time for us because this is something Lynn has been wanting to do for quite a while. We decided to begin now because by the time all of our kids are in school, Lynn will have completed her degree and can begin working.

We ask for prayer as Lynn will be quite busy studying and being a full time Mom. The time studying, however, will be a nice break from her day-to-day responsibilities.


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