My Booth at the Winkler Wedding Show
My Booth at the Winkler Wedding Show

The wedding show was a great success! I can’t believe how many people are getting married this year. Most of the people I talked to hadn’t given any thought of having a video recording of their wedding, or were simply going to ask a friend or relative to record it. I proceeded to explain some of the benefits of having a professional take care of the recording, and had a fair amount of interest as a result.

Based on the interest shown at the wedding show, and the amount of leads I received, I suspect just about every weekend will be booked this summer. That, combined with staying on part time at my current job, and some other work I have acquired, I could be in for a busy year!

Thanks for those who have been praying for me, I believe God has given me clear direction based on the amount of interest I have already received, only a month into starting my company.


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