With rumors that Steve Balmer will release a tablet PC today, I got to thinking… what would it take for me to buy a MS Tablet? Here’s a non-exhaustive checklist:

  1. No Windows!
    That’s right. The tablet would have to be running an entirely new OS. There would be no sign of this being a Windows device, rather a Microsoft (or hardware manufacturer) device.
  2. New Web Browser.
    Along with Windows, IE would have to be thrown out. Use web standards this time, and call it anything but Internet Explorer. It needs to be a fully functioning browser.
  3. Cheap.
    I’d be willing to pay no more than $800 for a tablet. If Apple comes out with one, I might be willing to pay more.
  4. Not Brown.
    Please, Microsoft, don’t make another brown mobile device.
  5. Wireless Connectivity.
    The device should have WiFi (obviously), Bluetooth and 3G.
  6. It just needs to work!
    If Microsoft would just come out with something that works very well and is really easy to use, they will have a winner.
  7. It needs to be as good as or better, plus cheaper, than Apple’s tablet.
    This can mean many things. But, essentially, every aspect of the device would need to match up or function better than Apple’s tablet. Even then, if it’s around the same price, I would rather buy Apple’s device simply because it will likely sync well with my MacBook Pro, iPhone and soon-to-be-purchased iMac.

There are many other things that could make me decide not to buy it, but if these 7 items are checked off, there is a good chance I might be interested.


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