Hey Everyone! I am so excited to share with you some plans I have in a couple weeks. Many of you know that I have been involved with Children’s Camps International over the last several years. Some may not know that I have had a strong desire to go to India since 2003. Ever since that first meeting between Antony Samy and the board of Winkler Bible Camp, when a bunch of guys and I were praying in our dorms that the WBC board would help to make camps in India a reality, I have been involved in some way with the organization that has sent over 600,000 kids to camp in the last 7 years! What a privilege and an honor it will be to finally witness first-hand the work I have been passionate about since the first camp was run in the summer of 2003.

Harvest for Kids 2010On January 19, I will be joining High Valley and a couple guys from the CCI office on a trip to India. The purpose: to get video footage which will be used in various ways to generate awareness of the work CCI is supporting in India. If you haven’t heard, High Valley has become involved in the work of CCI by promoting the Harvest for Kids event at their concerts, and even through a music video filmed near Winkler, Manitoba. (Below is the music video)

If you feel prompted to respond in some way, please contact the CCI office. I do not need any support for this trip, but I don’t want to stop you from giving. I would really like it if you could support the work CCI is doing around the world. More info is available on their website: www.ccicamps.com

I do ask, however, that you pray for us as we prepare for our trip and while we are there. We are leaving January 19 and will be back in Canada on January 27. That isn’t a whole lot of time, so we have to be really efficient in the filming to make sure we get all the footage we need to make effective videos. Thanks for your prayers!


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