Next week is the beginning of a new semester. This one will likely be more challenging than the last, as I will be taking a couple classes covering material in which I haven’t spent a ton of time studying before, one of which is a class focusing on the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Although I have read some Bonhoeffer, I can say honestly I have barely scratched the surface of his brilliant mind. I decided to take this 400 level theology elective in my freshman year because it will only be offered this one time and because Bonhoeffer was not only brilliant, but he lived a life which truly demonstrated the things he believed. Another reason would be that the professor is currently co-authoring a book on Bonhoeffer and one of the texts will be the manuscript of his book.

In my limited reading of Bonhoeffer, I came across the following quote in the chapter on Pharisees in his book Ethics:

The knowledge of the Pharisees was dead and barren, but the knowledge of Jesus and of those who are allied with Him is alive and fruitful

This challenges me, especially as I am going to Bible College. The constant problem with education is that we can be filled with all kinds of knowledge, but if we fail at our relationship with Christ, that knowledge will not bear fruit. Because I have Christ living in me, the knowledge I gain must bear fruit. The fruit, I imagine, will look different as life goes on, but it must be good fruit. Good fruit is that which demonstrations love toward others and benefits the Kingdom of God.

As my Grandmother often said, “Knowledge comes from college, but wisdom comes from God.”


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