One of the greatest failures of a Christian, I would suggest, is that we have poorly represented the deepest and most important truths that can be known by humanity. As Philip Yancey puts it in his forward to Chesterton’s Orthodoxy, Christian faith is not simply a “bulwark of civilization but rather an expression of the deepest truths about the world” (Waterbrook Press, 2001. p.viii).

Christianity is much more than mere religious practice. It represents the deep truth of who God is in relation to humanity and who humanity is in relation to God. It explains the reason behind our social behaviours and why we have this undeniable need to love and be loved. Most importantly it explains how this need can ultimately be satisfied.

I say we have failed at representing these truths because when I look at myself and the Christian’s around me, I see people who are so concerned about our own place in this world that we have forgotten who and what we represent. We get caught up in seeking social and physical security from the false gods of this world. I don’t believe seeking wealth is wrong, but seeking wealth should come out of a desire to see others prosper above ourselves. I don’t believe seeking social security is wrong, however security should ultimately come from who we are in God, and our relationships should exist in order to benefit those we are in relationship with.

So, here’s my challenge: each day, our goal should be to first claim our position in the Kingdom of God, for that is where our security lies. After that, there is no need to worry about this world providing us with physical and social security, and we can go on to making sure others have the security we have, that is, sharing the Gospel. I don’t mean finding non-believers and telling them about Christ. What I mean is this, and this is the point of my post. Our thoughts, actions and words should demonstrate what it means to be eternally secure in the hands of the Creator. This is the profound truth and can be shared with believers and non-believers alike.


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