Once again, I am writing this a day late, however I would like to take you through our second day in India.

Shuttle to the aircraft – flying with Spicejet!

It was an early morning in Chennai, as we had an 8:45 am flight to Coimbatore. Despite much confusion as we went through the process of security and getting our boarding passes, we made it on time and less than one hour later we landed in Coimbatore. From the airport we had India Bible Camp Ministries staff drive us to our hotel to unload our things, then straight off to a Pastor’s conference where nearly 700 pastors were meeting.

Following the meeting, which was full of loud music, loud preaching and enthusiastic welcomes from the pastors, we enjoyed a quite Indian buffet lunch at a nearby hotel. After lunch we met a bunch of pastors at a church and presented them with bicycles which were donated by sponsors in Canada for $75 each.

Pastor’s Meeting

Bicycles for the pastors

The highlight of the day was walking through the markets on Big Bazaar Street. The name is an excellent description of the experience! I purchased some dresses for my daughter, Anika, and we enjoyed fresh sweet bananas for just 25 cents (10 rupees) a bundle.

Produce Merchant, one of dozens in this market

Some of the best (and cheapest) bananas I’ve ever had!

The day ended with devotions and an early night to make up for the little sleep we all had the nights before.


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