I know many have been wondering when I’m going to write a final post about my India trip. I’m not sure if there will ever be a final post, as there is much to be done yet in response to the trip, primarily creating videos which I will post as they are released.

I have some thoughts that I’ve been meaning to share, though. I intend to create a video blog eventually, but for now I’ll just write a few words of of reflection.

With two weeks gone by since coming back, I’ve had some time to allow the things we did in India to soak in. I think the things that keep coming back to memory are the things that had the most impact. For me, there are a few, but I’ll share one with you right now.

One observation is that, for the most part and not unlike most of the world, the people in India are desperate for hope. It is not the poorest part of the world by any means, as most of them have access to the necessities of life, like food, water, clothes and some sort of shelter. It is also not really a persecuted part of the world, as Christians are free to worship openly (there are exceptions, but I’m referring to the areas we visited). However, there is a need for the people of India to experience true hope, which can only be provided by hearing about Jesus, the One True God who saves us from evil and gives us eternal life. I have never seen people more ready to receive the gospel message.

In my devotions this morning, I was reading from Morning and Evening by Charles Spurgeon:

It is a blessed thing, that when we are most cast down, then it is that we are most lifted up by the consolations of the Spirit. One reason is, because trials make more room for consolation. Great hearts can only be made by great troubles. The spade of trouble digs the reservoir of comfort deeper, and makes more room for consolation.

While we were in the slums of India, my heart broke for the children who had to grow up in such darkness, but I thank God for the pastors and volunteers who are giving their time to reach these families. They may never have the opportunity to experience material wealth this world, but I think of that as a blessing, for where material wealth lacks, the comfort and joy of God has room to take residence.


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