This weekend Prairie will be hosting the 2011 Global Connections Conference (GCC), and we are privileged to welcome Dr. Helen Roseveare as the featured speaker for the main rallies. Some may be quite familiar with that name, and for others including myself (until recently), we don’t realize just how special it is to have Dr. Roseveare on campus. Here is a brief bio from the GCC webpage on Prairie’s website.

Dr. Roseveare was born in England in September 1925. In 1953, she sailed for the Belgian Congo as a missionary with WEC International. During the next twenty years, Helen ministered by setting up a rural hospital, several rural clinics, a training school for national paramedical workers, and joining in the formation of a large inter-mission referral hospital and training college for nurses and midwives. Since 1973 she has served on the home-end of WEC International as a deputation worker, speaking to young people, university students, and church groups all over the English-speaking world, challenging them to consider God’s claim on their lives for full-time service.


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