Lent has a long history in the Christian tradition, yet I have never fully participated. There are many I know who are giving up things during the lent season. TV, Diet Coke, chocolate, and some are going on special diets or working out. I think that’s just fine, but I would like lent to go a little farther.

I have decided to not only give up something, but to also give something. I will be giving up 1 hour per day to God in order to reflect on Scripture. This is something I admit I have never done in my life on a regular basis, but have felt a strong conviction lately to commit to it.

What I will be giving is a devotional on what I studied and posting it on my blog. The exception will be Sundays.

If you are a regular reader of my blog, and you are not taking part in lent, or even if you are, I’ll invite you to join me on my journey over the next 6 weeks. A quick link to all the Lent 2011 posts is located at the top menu bar.

(photo credit: www.livingos.com)


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