If you read my blog regularly, you will know about a commitment I made at the beginning of the lent season a few months ago. I have some thoughts about how that went and how I am responding to what I learned during that time.

It didn’t take long to determine the theme of what I needed to learn during lent. God has been teaching me about pride in what seems to be a continuing theme in my life since the beginning of my journey in spiritual leadership. As time goes on, I see how the issue of pride touches every part of my life.

One of my responses to this theme of pride is that I decided not to post most of what I learned on a day-to-day basis. I found myself looking for things to post during my times of studying and devotions, which brought my thoughts from what I needed to learn to what I thought others needed to learn. By deciding not to write a blog post in response to every time of devotions, I was able to focus more on what God is teaching me. Once I develop some of these thoughts more, I will write some posts about them.

Pride is an interesting thing to study. My conclusion is this: if you want to deal with issues of pride in your life, forget about it. Only one thing is needed to overcome pride, and that is to forget about the issue completely. This requires a life dedicated to the joyful service of others. Giving up pride is not like giving up smoking or drinking, were one day you decide to quit and every day after that requires a conscience effort to resist temptations.

One thing I wrote in a blog post in March will continue to direct my life as I seek to leave pride behind:

My desire is to treasure Christ so highly that the thought of pride would be instantly quenched by the righteousness of Christ.


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