This last Sunday, I preached at Wimborne Alliance for the second time. This sermon was a continuation of the last sermon I preached there. Here is a small excerpt from the sermon I preached yesterday. This part is based on Romans 4:4, which helps to explain the concept of the grace mentioned in Romans 3:24.

When you work for someone, you don’t get grace, you get wages. When you work for someone you put them in your debt. Your employer owes you when you work for them. When you get paid for work, it is not grace, it is wages. Grace, however, is given to you by a person who owes you nothing. Therefore, it is an abomination to try to work for God. There is nothing you can do for God that will put Him in your debt.

You have two options: you can get nothing by working for God, or you can get everything by receiving grace from God.

When we trust these words, and we think about God as the giver of gifts rather than the payer of wages, our lives will be transformed. We are free to go through life enjoying the free gifts from God rather than trying to put Him in our debt.


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