It is when we regularly approach our Heavenly Father on behalf of others that we demonstrate our sincere love for the church and our firm dedication to the work of God.

At the end of our prayers, we often say the words, “in the name of Jesus we pray.” Saying these words is not only claiming the power of Jesus in our prayers, but it is also making the assumption that we are praying the very words that Jesus would pray. When we are living our lives in accordance to God’s will, and we are immersing ourselves in His word, our prayers will begin to reflect the will of God.

Timothy Keller puts it like this, “God would give you what you would have asked for if you knew everything that God knows.” When we approach God, talk to Him about His work, and ask Him to continue His work, we are joining with Him in His eternal plans. In doing this, we are demonstrating our love for God.

When we pray for other people, we are taking part in the plans God has for those people. And especially when it involves praying for people who are ministering to the lost, we are taking part in the great commission. It is in the simple and profound gesture of prayer that we affirm our love for God and our love for others.


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