When my wife and I came to Prairie Bible College last year, we knew God was up to something beyond just going to school for a few years and getting a degree. As the year went on, I began to think about how everyone has different paths and some look quite straight and consistent, and others look more like a roller coaster. I observed other students, and saw how some, like a fellow pastoral student, who are there to get a degree and go back home, which is exactly what God has planned for them. I started to wonder if that was not what God had planned for me.

Then I was asked if I would consider coordinating the Digital Media Ministry program at Prairie. I think God leaves a lot of decisions up to us, and this was one of those decisions. If I took the job, I would be using the gifts and talents God has given me through the experiences I’ve had over the last several years. I would be helping the school (although I’m sure they would be fine without me), and I would be doing something that is sure to be a valuable part of my education experience as I prepare for future ministry. If I wouldn’t take the job, I’m sure God would provide for all the areas above in some other way.

So, I weighed my options and applied for the job and once again our plans have changed. My decision was based on so many things it’s hard to list them all. One of the biggest things is that I see great potential in the DMM program at Prairie, and I feel privileged to be a part of what is currently happening and what is going to happen there in the future.

Another aspect of the job that was quite appealing was that I will have the opportunity to have a discipleship role in the lives of the students in the program. When I was attending Cross Current Discipleship School, and ever since then, I’ve always wanted to be a director of sorts in a discipleship program. When I found out this was part of the job description, that solidified my consideration of applying.

So, my new job starts pretty much immediately. There is a lot to prepare for, including a few classes I will be teaching myself, and getting instructors in place for the rest of the classes. I am excited to work with some very talented people who will be teaching modular courses throughout the year, and I’m sure I will learn a lot from them.

What does this mean for my education? This position is a one-year term right now. After this year we will evaluate how it went and go from there. The position is also not full-time. This allows me to remain a student, however I will be cutting my course load by more than half. This means it will take a little longer than four years to complete my degree. Lynn and I are both okay with this, as I’m sure God has much more planned for us in Three Hills.

Thank you for your prayers. We are really grateful for those of you who have been behind us during this process and who will continue to do so as we ride our roller coaster through life. With God as our provider and navigator, we will enjoy the ride with full confidence and without fear of the future.

Blessings to you, in Christ.


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