This morning my youngest son, Evan, who turned 3 in June, was “reading” his picture Bible. As he turned the page he said, “Jesus!” Then he turned to the next page and said, “Jesus!” Every page was about Jesus.

Evan probably knows the Bible better than most of us. While we are busy trying to figure out all the deep things of the Bible, Evan knows simply that the Bible is about Jesus. Every page, every story, is about Jesus.

This is something I’ve come to understand recently as I’ve been studying and preaching. I listened to a lecture from Reformed Theological Seminary by Timothy Keller called “Preaching Christ in a Post-Modern World.” In it he says that the primary goal of preaching is to get people to adore Christ more. If Jesus is not preached as the solution to people’s problems, it is not preaching, but merely a transfer of information. If preaching is supposed to be part of the worship service, the main goal of preaching should be to worship. It should transform a person into someone who treasures Jesus more highly than before.

I think when we read the Bible with the perspective that it’s all about Jesus, we start to treasure Him as the fulfilment of every story. Jesus will be seen as the one who didn’t just risk His life to kill Israel’s enemy for the time-being, like David did when he killed Goliath, but Jesus gave His life to destroy the enemy of all God’s people for all eternity. The story of David and Goliath can be read as pointing to Jesus as another David, but one who fought the last battle and then imputed the victory to us.

If you are looking for a good children’s Bible, I encourage you to purchase the Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones. This book teaches children that the Bible is all about Jesus and explains how each story whispers the name of Jesus. And the artwork is pretty cool.


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