Once in a while I get stuck on a word.

Love. Unity. And more recently, “value.” These have been some of the more prominent words I can recall taking up a significant amount of my thoughts throughout different periods of my life.

In the last week I have had a deep longing to understand the word “affection,” particularly in the context of my relationship with Jesus Christ and other people. It started last weekend when I began to read Jonathan Edwards’ Religious Affections.

This word, affection, is a major focus (thesis? -TBD) of my final paper of this semester on Leadership Theology:

Effective leadership is to deny our natural ambition for greatness and success, and out of affection for God and humanity, to embrace a life of sacrifice and service to others.

After I receive my grade on this paper, I might consider posting an abridged version of it. I haven’t had the time I would have liked to spend on completing this paper, so I’m unsure of how well it will be received.

Thoughts on the topic of affection? I’d love to hear from you.


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