Last year around this time, we sent out an email with an update on what our plans are for the summer and the following school year. Consider this post another one of those updates.

This spring and summer, we will be living and working at Winkler Bible Camp. I will be working full time as the camp videographer and Lynn will be volunteering her time as needed and as she has time in between taking care of the kids. We decided to do this because we felt like our kids are at a wonderful age to spend a summer at Bible Camp and because we love that place and want to help out while we can! The kids will have plenty of time outdoors playing activities and enjoying getting to know other children. In addition, they will be exposed to a very important ministry and we hope they will enjoy it most summers well into their teenage years and adulthood, even if it’s just one week a year.

Lynn and I met and became engaged while attending Winkler Bible Camp’s Cross Current Discipleship Program. We believe very strongly in the importance of summer Bible Camp for the sharing of the Gospel and the discipleship of young Christians. By spending the summer at WBC, we hope to demonstrate to our children that spending time helping others at Camp is a fun way to live out the call to love others. Of course, there is the fact that it will be an absolute blast to spend nearly 3 months at summer camp!

In regards to the following school year, I will be continuing to study full-time in the Pastoral Program at Prairie and will be serving as the President of Prairie’s Student Union. I will also continue to work in the Digital Media Program part-time. Lynn has been enjoying spending most of her time at home taking care of our families needs, which is something I am incredibly grateful for!

As always, we covet your prayers and if you are able, we would also appreciate financial support while we are working at Camp. Many of you will likely receive a support letter from us, so we ask that you already start praying and considering whether or not you would like to support our work there. If you do not receive a support letter and would like to help out, please contact Lynn or myself through your usual method of communicating with us and we will provide you with the necessary information. Support will be raised through Winkler Bible Camp’s staff fund and will be tax deductible.

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