Never Underestimate the Power of Rest

For years I have believed that if your work doesn’t feel like work, you should never need a vacation because a vacation would actually mean leaving what you enjoy to do with your time. For years, I have been fortunate enough to work at things I enjoy, and I haven’t really had the feeling that I need a vacation.

Never trust your feelings.

For years, I have been working almost non-stop, and although my feelings have told me I don’t need a break, my body has been telling me something else. I chose to ignore my body and push forward with confidence that I will not allow physical limitations to prevent me from being productive. After all, if I’m working as unto the Lord, surely He would give me the strength needed to work non-stop!

It turns out that I am not superman.

I am now resting and I am amazed how quickly some real rest can be restorative. I have a ways to go, but this morning I have felt confident that the choice to rest despite having a heavy load of responsibility at work and at school, was a good choice. Thanks to those who made this rest possible, and forced me to take time off work. You know who you are. God has provided exactly what we need for this time.

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