The term advent literally means “coming.” The name implies that each Christmas season we celebrate the coming of Jesus Christ as a human baby. The term should also remind Christians that Jesus is coming once again as our King. The season of advent is a time to renew our hope and joy in the Lord.

Advent has been celebrated in some form since as early as the fourth century, which was meant to be a time of preparation for the birthday of Christ. In some church traditions, Advent marks the beginning of the church year, which begins at the start of Jesus’ earthly life, followed by Epiphany, which symbolizes his earthly ministry, and other special times of the year such as Easter and Pentecost.

Most Christians are familiar with the practice of preparing for Easter through the season of Lent. In a way, Advent is the “Lent” of Christmas. As we prepare for the celebration of the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, may we ask God to reveal in us where we fail to give him honour.


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