I was convicted by this statement in my Spiritual Theology reflection assignment this morning:

To wait on the Lord is a summary term for living by faith or living dependently on the Lord. Waiting on the Lord stands opposed to running ahead and taking matters into our own hands by turning to our own human solutions. Waiting helps us to recognize that we are not the initiators, the masterminds, organizers, planners, managers of life.

Those who know me well know that I like to be in control of what happens in my life. I tend to be the mastermind, organizer, planner of everything I am involved in. It has allowed me to be quite successful in almost everything set out to do, but I wonder how much God really cares about the success of my plans.

What the statement above has convicted me of is not to stop planning and organizing, but to take time every day to listen to God through His Word. By rushing through the day from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep, I am saying that I am in control of my own life, and I can handle it all myself.

Instead of manipulating everything around me to match goals I have whipped up out of thin air as I rush through each day, I need to take time to hear from God what His plans are for me and then trust that He will provide what is needed to accomplish those plans. Apparently this takes time.


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