I have recently become quite interested in Puritan writings. In addition to regularly reading Valley of VisionI have read some Jonathan Edwards, Richard Baxter and other random Puritan writers in various works I have in my Logos Bible Software collection.

What draws me to reading these authors is the incredible depth of intimacy they seem to have with Christ. Over the last decade or so, I have often wondered how this depth is attained. An obvious answer is to read the Bible and pray. I do not deny that is true. However, it is easy to use these practices as a formula to attain a higher level of spirituality, and fail to grow in relationship with Christ.

I do not claim to know the answer to my own question. The point of this post is to express that which is of interest to me. I believe the desire for deep intimacy with Christ is a noble one and should be possessed by all believers. Thus, here is my encouragement: deepen your affection for Christ. And let me know how you intend on doing it! As for me, I will keep studying the Holy Scriptures, reading the Puritans, and praying that God will increase my intimacy with our King.


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