As I prepare to head out on a 25 day trip through SouthEast Asia, I am trying to wrap my head around everything I’ll be doing while I’m there. If you have ever travelled to this part of the world, you will know that being flexible with schedules is a must. Therefore, I am more interested in keeping a list of objectives than sticking to a strict daily schedule.

While I am in each country, I will constantly be seeking ways to:

  1. Capture on film the story of what Work of Your Hand is doing in the Philippines, Laos and Cambodia
  2. Capture on film the stories of the people who are being freed from poverty and oppression
  3. Capture on film and photos the process of how the various Work of Your Hand products are made
  4. Gain insight into the vision of how trade is more effective than aid in relieving poverty
  5. Encourage the local people by listening to their stories and showing them love while I’m there


Please pray for the success of these objectives, and for insight into any other ways God wants to use me while I’m there.

You can join me on my trip by reading my daily (I hope!) journal on my blog. I also plan to upload short video clips as I am able while I’m there.

Stay tuned for more posts in the coming days leading up to my departure.


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