May 10 – 3:45 am in Calgary, 6:45 pm in Seoul.

We left Calgary at 10:00 am on May 9, and have been traveling for a total of about 17 hours so far. The flight from Vancouver to Seoul was over 11 hours and we were flying with the movement of the sun, so while it feels like I should be going to sleep, it’s actually 6:45 in the evening. The sun will not set here for another hour or so, and by the time I get to sleep in Manila, I will have skipped an entire night, having been up for 26 hours straight.

Please pray for a good night sleep (I should be sleeping by 10:00 am Calgary time), and that I will have plenty of energy to get some filming done on Saturday. We will be starting by visiting the community of Payatas, which is the main area for garbage disposal for Manila. I will be meeting some of the artisans who create the products sold by Work of Your Hand in Calgary.

Below is a panoramic photo I took while waiting for the transport train in Seoul to get us from one terminal to the next.

Seoul Airport Train


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