The Hope of Payatas

After a day like today, it is hard to know what to feel. In one minute we are celebrating with the Work of Your Hand artisans, and in the next we are visiting the most devastating place I’ve ever seen.

I’m going through and editing some of the photos I took in Payatas, and I’m overwhelmed with the images I captured. When I was there taking the photos, I was focused on the task at hand. Now that I have time to look at them, I can’t help but cry for the people who are unable to break free from this life.

But, there is hope! There are faithful Christian men and women living and working among these people. Some of them grew up here and have worked in the garbage dump site. Please pray for Pastor Julius and his church as they seek to bring hope to Payatas. If you can, support their ministry buy purchasing Work of Your Hand products, some of which are made by talented men and women who live in this area.

Here are some photos from the Payatas dump site area.








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