Day 3 in Payatas was filled with the overwhelming feeling that I need to help these people. But I also know that I can only do so much. I did what I could to help, but I pray that God will provide many more people with a burden for Payatas.

There are some really amazing people living it the community of Calamiong in particular. The most encouraging thing to me is the work Pastor Julius and the other leaders of his church are doing. One of the leaders is a student who is attending university for business entrepreneurship (marketing) under a full scholarship. We went to see her house and I got to know her a little bit as we visited throughout the day. I was really happy to see how Pastor Julius’ church has ministered to this young woman so that she was able to develop her gifts as a leader, and how she has been faithfully serving God in the church and in the community.

Please join me in praying that more young people in Calamiong will have the same opportunity as this young woman. They are the future of the church and have the ability to transform their entire community. Pray for Pastor Julius and his church, that their influence in the community will increase and many more will come to know Jesus.

Plastic Cleaning Yard Alley Walking through Calamiong Farm Yard Man and Child Water Well Rooster


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