Sunset while flyingIn 24 hours from the time of writing this post, Lynn and I will be aboard a Boeing 767 heading for Hyderabad with a team of Prairie students and instructors. There are two main goals of this trip: 1) minister to the Dalit people by providing personal health education, and; 2) film the experience in order to help create awareness and to promote the Prairie international practicums.


My role specifically will be to provide instruction and guidance to the Digital Media students, and to capture their experience on film and photos. I will also be doing some filming for some other projects I am working on, which will be announced this summer. Lynn will be working with a Dalit Freedom Network education centre with Dalit women and children.


We owe a huge thank-you to a whole bunch of people for supporting us, particularly our family and our church families, both in Winkler and in Wimborne. We are overwhelmed with how much support has come in. We praise God for those who have partnered with us!


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