Coffee and Writing at Jonny's

As I sit in what has been my favourite thinking spot this week, I had to take some time to share my thoughts about this coming year.

In less than two weeks I will be back in classes for my final year at Prairie, both as a student and a teacher. As I have been doing the last two years, I will be teaching some Web development classes in the Digital Media Program. I will also be continuing my internship in the President’s office at Prairie. Lord willing, I will graduate in April with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Pastoral Ministry.

People ask if I am excited to finish school. I have two responses:

1. Yes, because I am eager to start working in a church ministry position and continue studying in seminary.
2. Yes, because I would like to move on to a more permanent setting for our family.

It has been a blast these last three years, but we can’t help but feel like pilgrims on our way to something else. Our desire is to set down some roots in community where we can serve the Lord. The next several months will be a time of prayer and searching where exactly that will be.

As is the case with most senior students, it will be challenging at times to stay focused on the here and now. With a bunch of “-ology” classes and two levels of Biblical Greek ahead of me, not to mention some very large papers to write, I need to stay focused in order to complete my degree successfully by the time I am scheduled to walk across the stage in April.

So, I look forward to our final year at Prairie, with anticipation that it will be the best year yet!


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