I’ve seen this article floating around Facebook that has the title Marriage Isn’t For You, so I thought I’d read it and provide a critical response.

Maybe you haven’t read it, or don’t want to take the time to read it. Basically, the author is saying that marriage isn’t about my happiness, but about the happiness of my spouse. I think that’s a good sentiment, and it provides for a good emotional response, but the author missed the mark.

It’s true, marriage isn’t for me. But it’s also not for my wife, or to make her happy.

Marriage is for God and his glory.

Marriage is but a shadow of the wedding to come between Christ and the church. A successful marriage is not known by how happy the couple is, but how well it paints a picture of the real marriage to come when the church and Christ are united for all eternity (See Revelation 21).

The happiness of my wife is a really important part of keeping a strong marriage, but it is not the biblical goal for marriage. To say that my wife’s happiness is the end goal of marriage is to miss the point entirely. God has a much greater and more important vision for marriage.

If you are married, be aware that you are painting a picture for everyone to see. This is a picture of what the Apostle Paul calls “a great mystery” (Ephesians 5:32).

The picture you paint through your marriage will never come close to the true and eternal marriage that is to come. However, success and true joy in marriage will be experienced between a man and a woman who seek to honour this responsibility with all their strength and humble dependence on God.

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