In Psalm 138:8, David makes the claim that the Lord will fulfill the purpose for his life.

This tells me two things:

1. The Lord determines the purpose for our lives. We do not.

2. The Lord ensures that his purpose is fulfilled. We do not.

Therefore, we do not need to worry about what our purpose is, other than looking to God. We also do not need to worry about if what we are doing with our lives is fulfilling God’s purpose. If we are looking to God, he will take care of directing our steps.

David knows this is true because the steadfast love of the Lord endures forever. He then reminds God that his life is the work of God’s hands, and asks him to no forsake his work.

Pray this prayer: “Lord, you have a plan for my life, and you will fulfill it. Your love never fails. Take care of my life, and keep me from worrying about it.”

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