I Still Love You by Michael UngarNo parent wants a their child to be labeled as a “problem child,” but not many of us are confident about how to prevent that from happening. With three children of my own, and with responsibilities as a pastor to teenagers and parents, I am thankful for Michael Ungar’s book I Still Love You.

Ungar impressed me particularly with how he used a non-threatening story about three fictional families to suggest nine things troubled kids need from their parents. The entire book follows these three families, who represent a collection of real situations, and the issues they and their children are experiencing. He covers a multitude of problems, from substance abuse and violence to rebellion and teenage pregnancy, while providing readers with practical advice on how to respond to children dealing with these problems.

The key principle Ungar emphasizes is that “there are no more problem children when parents help them flourish.” If you are asking yourself how to help your child flourish, I urge to you please read this book. But, it is not only for parents. I would recommend this book to any person who regularly interacts with troubled children, particularly teenagers. It won’t give you all the answers, but it will give you enough to start heading in the right direction.


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