In 1 Kings 18, there is a recorded an event in which the power of God is put on display through fire consuming a sacrifice. Following this display of power, many people believed that the Lord is God.

When we share our faith in Jesus, the only way other people will be convinced to believe in Him is to have an experience of the presence of God. We are the vessels, the sacrificial offering, that is to be consumed by the power of God in order to bring His presence to those around us.

My prayer is for a daily experience of God’s consuming power. This prayer is helpful:

Consuming Fire, all the teaching and urging and striving in the world won’t do; only your powerful work can renew my life. I offer my life as a sacrifice, but only you can send the fire. Ignite my life with your Holy Spirit, and keep me and your whole church bright and beautiful, passionately alive for you. Amen. ((Philip F. Reinders, Seeking God’s Face. 2013, 723))


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