Seveneves by Neal StephesonWho can imagine a catastrophic event causing worldwide devastation spanning thousands of years, causing humanity to pursue previously unthinkable survival strategies? In a profoundly complex and unpredictable way, Neal Stephenson does just that, while combining science, technology, drama, psychology, and philosophy in his latest novel, Seveneves.

While the length and scope of the book may deter some readers, those who commit to reading this story through to the end will be rewarded with many surprises and plenty of room for the imagination to explore the written and unwritten details of the dozens of characters and plots developed by Stephenson. You will find yourself wondering how far and how deep the story will go, and how the author intends on solving his self-conceived problems.

I offer two warnings to those considering this book. First, the story has some graphic language, scenes and references that not every reader will be comfortable with. Second, part three of the book requires a special level of dedication on behalf of the reader. Stick with it, and take your time to soak in every detail.


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