Mammon is a genuine rival to God. We must choose one or the other: Mammon or God. ((Mammon, as define by Os Guinness, refers to money when it assumes an inordinate place in our lives until it becomes a personal, spiritual, god-like force that rules us.))

The crass heresy of the prosperity doctrines and the “health and wealth gospel” is the bastard child of corrupted calling.

There are two economies—a “calling economy” as well as a “commercial economy”—and for followers of Christ the former, not the latter, is supreme. ((Guinness, The Call, p.  134-35))

Yesterday I was driving and listening to a song called “When I lost my heard to you” by Hillsong. “You have my heart… hallelujah… I found your love when I lost my heart to you.”

Such simple words, but such a deep prayer. There is nothing more precious than the fact that God, our Creator, has my heart. He knows me deeply and is shaping me in ways I cannot fathom.

If I listen closely enough, and am attentive to God’s voice in my heart, I will become aware of what he is doing in my heart and what he is doing in the hearts of others. This is a bonus reward, as I need not require awareness of God’s work. I only need to trust him and the word he has given us in Scripture and in the life of Jesus. Being aware of God’s work is like a boost to my faith, and normally comes when my faith is at its weakest point; when I need a very personal reminder of God’s faithfulness.

But these words, “you have my heart” are not true when I am chasing mammon. Either I find success in being known by God and being accepted by God, or I search for success by working hard for mammon.

Hallelujah, God has not left me to chase after mammon. He has my heart and I have his acceptance. That is enough for me.

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