I used to be a full-time media professional. But I always felt a call to pastoral ministry. I still do. I hope that one day I will once again have the title of pastor. For now, Lynn and I are excited to take a crack at this idea of telling stories through film. We believe there is much in store for us that we cannot even imagine.

A couple years ago I was receiving some leadership coaching training. I discovered that I am really great at asking the right questions. And I love it. It is so satisfying to sit with someone and help them uncover things about themselves that they were never aware of.

Ever since I was 12 or 13 years old I have been captivated by capturing things on film and using those moving images to tell a story. More than a few times you would have been able to catch me sitting in my room with a few VCRs that I helped my Dad fix (he used to be an electronics repair man), editing movies that I filmed on the VHS tapes my parents’ camcorder used. I learned how to record from one VCR to the other and would cut and paste video clips together. I don’t know what ever happened to those tapes, but if I ever find them I’m sure it will make for some great entertainment.

About 10 years ago I began filming weddings, and I loved the process of capturing and editing a video telling the story of the couple. Then, a couple years later I found myself travelling around the world filming organizations that helped people out of slavery and gave them dignified work. I loved it!

With my passion for film, and my experience as a pastor, I hope to build a career around uncovering stories that can only be told by digging deep into the lives of people who might possibly never have known they even have a story to tell. They could be living right here in my community, or be half-way around the world in the remote villages of Papua New Guinea.

If you are interested in helping me toward this goal, please consider supporting our GoFundMe campaign. Any amount of support will be greatly appreciated!


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