Yes, we have a plan. It’s coming together in more detail every day. Currently Lynn and I are still both working, which leaves us with very little time to spend on this plan, but we are chipping away at it bit-by-bit.

Currently, we are working on getting some content out there. This website, the YouTube channel, and the GoFundMe page are the three main connecting points. We haven’t been very aggressive yet in attracting visitors to these pages, simply because we are unable to deliver content and updates on a consistent basis.

Our main focus right now is connecting with people. We are talking about our idea, getting feedback, and asking if anyone has a story to tell. We need projects to work on so that we can discover and learn. I haven’t been doing a lot of creative projects lately, so I’m a bit rusty. Having projects to work on regularly will help me refine my skills.

Lynn is learning. She’s spending time going through tutorials, and figuring out where she will feel most effective when we are working on projects. Our plan is to reduce her workload soon, so that she can spend more time learning and helping to build the business.

There is also The Film Collective side of things. I’m working on generating sales leads, and if a project requires my assistance I’ll be available for that.

We plan to be full-time the beginning of July. We hope that our work between now and then will have paid off, and we will have lots of projects lined up. I’m talking to organizations about having me travel to capture what they are doing in various parts of the world (mostly North America for now).

As you can see, we have a lot going on. We are super excited. I love having lots of work on my plate, and Lynn is such a great supporter and co-worker. We are doing this all with very little resources and in between working our regular jobs. It would be a huge boost for us if you feel compelled to help out with our gear fund. We have bought one professional 4K camera (I’ll be posting a video about that soon), and we have one MacBook. We will need to buy one more camera and another, more powerful, computer very soon.

Thanks for your support and interest in our story. We cannot do it without you!


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