Sort of like a daily vlog, but just a miniseries. Unless I really, really enjoy making them. Then I might continue.

Next week is Spring Break in Manitoba. Being on staff at a public school means that I get the week off (unpaid) along with my children. So, I thought I would try an experiment. From Monday to Thursday I’ll be making a movie each day. The kids are super pumped. They love when I make movies, especially when it involves them.

I have three goals: 1. I’ll have something fun to do with the kids. 2. I want to see how I feel about filming and editing a movie in the same day for several days in a row. 3. Try to get a little boost of views and subscribers on YouTube.

I’m working on one more video, which I will upload before Monday. It’s a highlight reel from some of the filming trips I’ve taken overseas in the past. Then, Tuesday-Friday next week there will be a new video each morning. Even if it’s not great, I’ll still post it. The goal is simply to get a video done each day.

I’m pretty excited about it and can’t wait to share it with you all.


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