If you have ever started your own business, you know that it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes months and sometimes years to get established and actually start making money. We have done it before and we are doing it again.

I am currently working a day job. It’s a little less than full time, which is great because it gives me time to work on our business. I work on the business before my day job and later in the evening. Here is an idea of what my day might look like (not every day, but most days):

  • Wake up at 5 or 6 at the latest.
  • Finish up the previous day’s video and start exporting and uploading by 7.
  • By the time I’ve finished showering and getting dressed, the video will be uploaded, so I can add the description, tags, thumbnail and annotations.
  • I eat breakfast and pack my lunch in between checking emails and doing some administrative work.
  • After work I go to the gym, then pick up Lynn from work.
  • Before making supper I get a bit of administrative work done.
  • I try not to work between supper and bedtime. This is family time.
  • After the kids are in bed, around 9, I start editing until 11 or so.

Saturday is great because I can work all day on the business. Sunday is “no-screen day” for our family (as a general rule), and I am not doing any work until after the kids are in bed. It is an important part of our life as a family to practice a weekly Sabbath.

This routine will not be indefinite. It is harsh on me and my family. I will be done my day job at the end of June, at which time I plan to be working on the business full time. Hopefully by then we will have some paying projects through The Film Collective and start earning a small income on YouTube. In the mean time, it’s hustle, hustle, hustle.


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